Seven Japanese anime studios bring their unique talent and perspective to Star Wars: Visions, a collection of animated Original Short Films, streaming September 22 on Disney+.

The anime studios revealed were Kamikaze Douga, Geno Studio (Twin Engine), Studio Colorido (Twin Engine), Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Science Saru, and Production IG. Each studio will use their signature animation and storytelling styles to realize their own visions of the galaxy far, far away.

Lucasfilm’s Jacqui Lopez (Executive Producer), James Waugh (Executive Producer), Josh Rimes (Executive Producer), and Qubic Pictures’ Justin Leach (Co-Executive Producer) and Kanako Shirasaki (Producer) were on hand at the event to reveal each studio and give fans a special look at the environment and concept art as they debuted the title and first details of each short.

Kamikaze Douga - The Duel
Geno Studio (Twin Engine) - Lop and Ochō
Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) - Tatooine Rhapsody
Trigger - The Twins
Trigger - The Elder
Kinema Citrus - The Village Bride
Science Saru - Akakiri
Science Saru - T0-B1
Production IG - The Ninth Jedi

As a first formal venture into anime, each “Star Wars: Visions” short bears a unique Japanese sensibility, which in many ways aligns with the tone and spirit of Star Wars storytelling. From the beginning, stories told in the Star Wars galaxy have counted Japanese mythology and the films of Akira Kurosawa among their many influences, and these new visions will further explore that cultural heritage through the unique animation style and perspective of each anime studio.

All episodes of “Star Wars: Visions” will be released on Disney+ September 22, 2021.

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  • Dream Midas
    Dream Midas22 perccel

    Thank God this is not canon... I don't wan't a rabbit in the star wars main canonical storyline...

  • XxgenericgamerxX
    XxgenericgamerxX6 órája

    I wanna see George's reaction so bad.

  • Kizuha
    Kizuha19 órája

    Ouhnime > Anime

  • argh100100
    argh10010021 órája

    Just when you think Disney can't mess up starwars anymore they make a pokemon version

  • Carmelli Cadiz
    Carmelli Cadiz21 órája

    THIS WAS SOOO DOPE! Loved every episodes! 😭👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Carmelli Cadiz
    Carmelli Cadiz21 órája

    THIS WAS SOOO DOPE! Loved every episode! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi

    This is the worst star wars show ever, even worse than resistance. This show have no plot, every episode is different and some episodes like to-b1 is very childish. Some episodes have nothing to do with the star wars saga

  • ad

    se me cayo un idolo

  • Owain Cynan
    Owain CynanNapja

    I don’t care what anyone says, the Trigger episode is god tier (btw i don’t have disney+)


    Idc about other things, I just want vader in this show that's it!

  • Jebus

    I hate this so much

  • Simon 'Ghost' Riley
    Simon 'Ghost' Riley2 napja

    This better animated than What if, also Japanese voice acting make it look epic

  • Matthew Meyer
    Matthew Meyer2 napja

    More media like this and less like the sequels would be great

  • Wiz Clips
    Wiz Clips2 napja

    They were all so gooooood I think the ninth Jedi and elder were my favorite.

  • Smitty Vanjagermanjenson
    Smitty Vanjagermanjenson2 napja

    Well I'm a weeb and I loved the clone wars and bad batch, So I'm in. 🤷

  • Dustin Bates
    Dustin Bates2 napja

    They should source out all of the stories to other studios. They seem to be better at Star Wars than the Lucasfilm writers besides Favrough and Filoni.

  • MF Aphex Head
    MF Aphex Head3 napja

    My Ranking of the Episodes..from Best to Worst.. 1. The Twins 2. TO-B1 3. Lop & Ocho 4. The Duel 5. The Ninth Jedi 6. The Village Bride 7. The Elder 8. Akakiri 9. Tatooine Rhapsody

  • LooseGoose
    LooseGoose3 napja

    Watched them all 🤙🏻 They were each amazing and each has so much story to tell I feel each one ended with the ability to have sequels and what they need to do is have the studios continue each one and to finish off the stories I’d say have 5 seasons each studio continuing the story they made each season for a total of roughly an hour of each story.

  • VandaSucks AtThis2.0
    VandaSucks AtThis2.03 napja

    excuse me, the fact that disney has their own anime makes me happy lol

  • Nicholas Campbell
    Nicholas Campbell3 napja

    Here is where the fun begins. Hopefully there will be starwars animated WiFus and a great plot.It’s a bout time the worlds crossed and yes starwars has gone a full circle

  • David Her
    David Her3 napja

    Let's let Disney know we want a season 2!

  • James Lunasco
    James Lunasco3 napja

    ANAMEY 😆

  • Serkan Demirhan
    Serkan Demirhan3 napja

    Disney shows it's stupitidy with every way it can do with the franchise. Btw, those likes are coming from brainless idiots who doesn't know what star wars really is !!!

  • Lifes Glitch
    Lifes Glitch3 napja

    Fantastic show please Disney this is what we need more off the wall Star Wars, and please do a full on Star Wars anime!!!

  • towipo
    towipo3 napja

    Star Wars Visions is TERRIBLE! What a total pile of hot garbage. Thanks for nothing Japan. Disney is doing a perfectly fine job of ruining Star Wars on their own, they don't need your misguided turds.

  • ladyanime100
    ladyanime1003 napja

    Star Wars and Anime, together, there is a God!

  • KOJ
    KOJ3 napja

    Looks like junk

  • SpaceDiino


    2 napja

    @KOJ oh I see

  • KOJ


    2 napja

    Yeah, I can’t yet tho coz I don’t have Disney +

  • SpaceDiino


    3 napja

    I would say watch it. I like every episode except the twins

  • Heramb Hasabnis
    Heramb Hasabnis3 napja

    ちがう。おまえの おとうさんは わたしだ。. Please reply to this in english , i only know a little Japanese.

  • The Diamond Dragon
    The Diamond Dragon3 napja

    “We looked for something from the heart and soul of the creators” … I FREAKING LOVE THATTTT. It doesn’t mean Disney didn’t have a lot of influence in making it but it does mean EVERYTHING IS COOL!! HELL YEA!!!!

  • Yuu Gael
    Yuu Gael4 napja

    Would be funny if they include/reference japanese googled Vader in this.

  • Sassy Gangster
    Sassy Gangster4 napja

    when starwars runs out of ideas so they just make it an anime

  • Fikitupper
    Fikitupper4 napja

    Please Hollywood don't ruin anime and make it woke.

  • inst1nct Clan
    inst1nct Clan4 napja

    I hate anime but I am so hyped.

  • tiessue


    2 napja

    @lukas fir bro he agreed with you calm down 💀

  • lukas fir

    lukas fir

    2 napja

    @inst1nct Clan just because watching a couple anime and make statement like that?. I think you need to touch some grass before judging an anime🤭

  • inst1nct Clan

    inst1nct Clan

    2 napja

    @lukas fir that’s honestly a really good point, I’ll check it out!

  • lukas fir

    lukas fir

    2 napja

    @inst1nct Clan weird?, Why. Im watch all of genres of movies an anime. I conclude that Japanese voice actors are better quality than English voice actors. Never heard of attack on titan before?, eren voice actor going beyond limit when in the final season 2.

  • inst1nct Clan

    inst1nct Clan

    2 napja

    @lukas fir no Bc the sounds are really weird and everybody who watches it is usually really annoying

  • Duff Crusader
    Duff Crusader4 napja

    i too like aname

  • Rosa Ramirez
    Rosa Ramirez4 napja

    Let the countdown begin! 😌

  • Jordan Randolph
    Jordan Randolph4 napja

    will it be in english?

  • insidiousmeme
    insidiousmeme4 napja

    Disney will run this back. Disney+ will always need new content.

    ROMANTRA4 napja

    0:07 Did he just say “onime”?🙄👀👂

  • Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

    4 napja

    Americans can’t speak English correctly, what do you expect

  • Kevin Yee
    Kevin Yee5 napja

    So cool

  • Freindly spice Run
    Freindly spice Run5 napja

    Homie said ounime

  • MrAngerissues1
    MrAngerissues15 napja

    If they can keep Disney's woke agenda out of this it will be great

  • oud gitaar
    oud gitaar5 napja

    Is this going to be canon

  • someone


    4 napja

    Nope it's a different story

  • Dave
    Dave5 napja

    Cant wait to see Char Aznable and Darth Vader team up. Empire of Zeon 🤔

  • Jake Well
    Jake Well5 napja

    This is going to be awesome. Love+Death+Robots but in Star Wars.

  • HeyItzBlaster
    HeyItzBlaster5 napja

    "Star wars visions is completely different from normal story telling." Yeah, cause Japanese anime writers are great at story telling, especially their art studios.

  • Pier-c Munez
    Pier-c Munez5 napja

    did lucusfilms buy dragonballs anime?

  • Jitterdoomer
    Jitterdoomer6 napja

    Ninth Jedi was my favorite because of Production IG.

  • J
    J6 napja

    When they pronounce it “Anna May” pfft

  • Victor Avalos
    Victor Avalos6 napja

    Just really love to see clones in anime form, hopefully...

  • Jon Smith

    Jon Smith

    5 napja

    Well, we'll see at least one.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous6 napja

    This series will make a fine addiction to my collection.

  • Derek Fletcher
    Derek Fletcher7 napja

    what a great idea. I'm so so excited for this

  • スタバ
    スタバ7 napja


  • Mr animates
    Mr animates7 napja

    Star Wars but naruto shippudin lol

  • Mr animates
    Mr animates7 napja

    R63 R34 Hentai Star Wars fans Be like: :) ;)

  • Paul Stalon
    Paul Stalon7 napja

    I love both star wars and anime but I'll be honest. Non of this look like star wars. They all look like a bunch of unrelated different shows. BUT they all look REALLY cool

  • B_H_F S2
    B_H_F S27 napja

    Star Wars Anime: *exists* George Lucas: This makes Attack of the Clones look like Citizen Kane.

  • PaperBag_Dan
    PaperBag_Dan7 napja

    Fem grevious???

  • Ramen🍜
    Ramen🍜7 napja

    I love anime so much I think star wars is so so but I'm still really hyped for this

  • Lukas Wilfinger
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  • Landon Trimble
    Landon Trimble8 napja

    You screwed up bad starwars

  • BhimBong Games
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  • PSF_Diouf Maulana
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    I feel like they have to make by to drink and say what about Anime

  • toresanderify
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    I'm so stoked!

  • CALIMA Production
    CALIMA Production9 napja

    when will we get Star Wars isekai😂

  • Exotide
    Exotide9 napja

    I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a little kid and I've gotten deeply into anime over the past two years. This is easily something I'm most excited about. Can't wait

  • Asparagus
    Asparagus9 napja

    Obi-wan: "It's over Anakin, I got the high ground" Anakin: "Yare yare daze"

  • Duck Animations
    Duck Animations9 napja

    I love anime and I love Star Wars but I’m not really sure about this

  • Dano Xvio

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    6 napja


  • Vansh Rana
    Vansh Rana9 napja

    For someone who loves star wars AND anime, I see this as an absolute win!

  • terrell dixon
    terrell dixon10 napja

    Awnime 🤨💀

  • Retsehc Nis
    Retsehc Nis10 napja

    now this is much better

  • Fight Scene Videos
    Fight Scene Videos11 napja

    This is so wrong in so many ways, I’m sorry but Star Wars is not meant to be an anime 😂

  • Veeti Vänskä

    Veeti Vänskä

    7 napja

    @James Wang Samurais. Don't remember him ever being influenced by anime

  • James Wang

    James Wang

    7 napja

    George Lucas was literally inspired by Japanese animation, this was always meant to be

  • Daniel Dniswara797
    Daniel Dniswara79711 napja

    I Was Reincarnated Into Star Wars Universe And Become a jedi master:v

  • Bùi Quang Minh
    Bùi Quang Minh11 napja

    Diversity. i like it. And TRIGGER's style suits so well with space combat, they clearly know what theyre doing

  • Cheeseburger The 1st

    Cheeseburger The 1st

    4 napja

    It’s the kill la kill and gurren laggan creators

  • JW888
    JW88811 napja

    They treating lightsabers as katanas ok

  • Cheeseburger The 1st

    Cheeseburger The 1st

    4 napja

    Jedi and lightsabers are literally inspired by samurai

  • Emperor Sheev Palestine
    Emperor Sheev Palestine12 napja

    this begs the question will there be a full starwars anime series

  • Kricklobderno
    Kricklobderno13 napja

    It is not good.

  • Robbie_the_ Mastermind2
    Robbie_the_ Mastermind213 napja

    I like the concept of this show because in my mind the star wars Galaxy is really huge so an eastern setting Star Wars Sci fi sounds right at home for me.

  • Pepsy
    Pepsy13 napja

    the artstyle reminds me of kill la kill idk why

  • corpse wife

    corpse wife

    8 napja

    two of the episodes are done by the same studio

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast13 napja

    George Lucas probably committed suicide already , or should I say seppuku

  • Sammie Pittman
    Sammie Pittman13 napja

    not me tearing up hearing the Japanese animators saying how they’ve been looking forward to this opportunity

  • MaccaP
    MaccaP15 napja

    Disney Space Wars: Because they will desecrate your child hood too.

  • LUQS 89
    LUQS 8915 napja

    Im only here for Trigger and their General Grievous

  • FaZey
    FaZey15 napja

    I'm not a fan of Star Wars but since it's getting anime adeaption I will give it a try

  • Jarvis Dog
    Jarvis Dog16 napja

    This looks like Star Wars version of Marvel What if?, except it has nothing to do with What if.

  • ochinchin daisuki desukedo
    ochinchin daisuki desukedo16 napja

    its look gorgeus ,so cool

  • Emerald player
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  • Emerald player
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  • Emerald player
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  • Emerald player
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  • Emerald player
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  • Tate Miller
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    Great now their ruining star wars ( I bet marvel is next)

  • A Random Tech priest

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    @Stick Bug He didn't even reply LMFAO

  • Stick Bug

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    How is this ruining star wars?

  • Girbaud Espayos
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    Anime plus Star Wars, now I can die happy...

  • Ghostt408
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    It’s not better then the other Star Wars shows like clone wars bad batch or mandalorion anime doesn’t make it better never does

  • Jason Suydam
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  • Snaily _uwu
    Snaily _uwu17 napja

    me after watching this: Dark Vader waifu YES

  • J. S.
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    OMG Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • James Howlett
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    Gina Joy Carano is a strong woman.

  • Goldfishislife
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    My 2 favorite things, star wars and anime. I am going to cry